Chiropractic Testimonials

"I felt relief after the first treatment. I had back pain for 30 years and was considering risky back surgery."

- Ronald. B.

"I have had back problems for years. When I came to see Dr. Jones, I had pain shooting up & down my lower back and both legs. I couldn't' stand up straight & was crooked. I am now standing straight with no shooting pain. Dr. Jones has given me exercises to keep me strong & healthy so this doesn't happen again. It's great to feel good again!"

- Julie V.

"Prior to seeing Dr. Jones, I was uncomfortable and had back, neck, and hip pain when doing any activity. I was never comfortable driving a car, sitting at my desk at work, or just standing. After my series of appointments, all of this has changed, and I feel so much better. I do worry about picking up my daughter, and my golf swing as improved drastically. At first, I was skeptical about seeing Dr. Jones, but I am extremely happy that I made the decision.

- Steven W.

"With ADHD, anxiety, and sensory issues our son was continually struggling with focus, distractions, fidgeting, difficulty paying attention, keeping shoes on, just to name a few things. After a few weeks of at-home exercises in conjunction with adjustments, our son began to have a small amount of improved focus while completing a morning routine. After several more adjustments, we've noticed a significant decline in some of his sensory issues. He now keeps his shoes on the entire time he's supposed to, and also allows the trimmers to be used during a haircut. we are excited to experience future progress as well. We are so grateful for Mark's knowledge, experience, and ability. He has given us so much hope for our son's quality of life. Thanks!"

- Matthew J.


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