Chiropractic Testimonials

"I felt relief after the first treatment. I had back pain for 30 years and was considering risky back surgery."

- Ronald. B.

"I have had back problems for years. When I came to see Dr. Jones, I had pain shooting up & down my lower back and both legs. I couldn't' stand up straight & was crooked. I am now standing straight with no shooting pain. Dr. Jones has given me exercises to keep me strong & healthy so this doesn't happen again. It's great to feel good again!"

- Julie V.

"Prior to seeing Dr. Jones, I was uncomfortable and had back, neck, and hip pain when doing any activity. I was never comfortable driving a car, sitting at my desk at work, or just standing. After my series of appointments, all of this has changed, and I feel so much better. I do worry about picking up my daughter, and my golf swing as improved drastically. At first, I was skeptical about seeing Dr. Jones, but I am extremely happy that I made the decision."

- Steven W.


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