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I was once like you. I believed that you had to tough things out until they are too bad to stand before doing anything about it.

I was playing in a varsity high school basketball game my junior year of high school. I came down from jumping after trying for a rebound, and I fell onto the gym floor.

I didn’t think I was hurt very badly at first, but halfway down the court I couldn’t walk anymore.

I had two friends help carry me off of the floor. I had a shooting pain down my right leg. Our athletic trainer tried some stretching and ice. After a few days I was still in a lot of pain and nothing seemed to work.

I wanted to play the upcoming weekend. One of our assistant basketball coaches played basketball in college with a chiropractor near our town. He recommended that I go to him and see if he could help me. I was ready for something to work.

The chiropractor did an exam, took x-rays and explained what he thought the problem was. He explained how the misalignment in my hips was creating tension and pain in my muscles, and compressing a nerve which caused the shooting pain down my leg.

After the first adjustment I immediately felt better and was amazed at the knowledge the chiropractor showed and the skill. I played that weekend with no pain.

Not only did my hip pain go away, but my TMJ did also. I didn’t even think about misalignment causing TMJ too. This sparked my interest in chiropractic and healthcare, and I haven’t stopped learning about it yet.


I went to Indiana University at Kokomo to get my undergraduate coursework out of the way to get into chiropractic school. I loved all of the science courses. After finishing at IUK, I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I chose Palmer because Palmer is the oldest chiropractic college in the nation and also the largest. It has a reputation for being very difficult.

My favorite courses were Biochemistry II, Nutrition, Neurophysiology, and all chiropractic courses. I didn’t know when I decided to go to chiropractic college that I was going to have to sit through 6 hours of classes a day. It was frustrating, stressful, and time-consuming. Looking back now, I believe that it should be that way because I know that I accomplished something and nothing worthwhile is easy.

I enjoy finding the cause of patients problems whether it be a spinal complaint or other. Allowing people to stay active and mobile well into their later years is very satisfying to see.

After learning about the human body and the different pathologies and also learning about chiropractic and nutrition, I realized that most health problems are un-fixable the longer they are let go. I use to have the same way of thinking as everyone else did. I waited until symptoms were just too bad to stand until dealing with them. That’s what the commercials say right.

The interesting thing I found, was after looking at the health statistics of Americans over the years, most health problems were getting worse instead of getting better. Also, most health problems were occurring at younger and younger ages. I failed to see how health was being cured by all of the drug advertisements on TV. It’s obvious that America hasn’t gotten any healthier in the last 20 years, even though drug spending and technology has increased at unbelievable bounds.


I am driven to create a healthier community with the knowledge and skills I have learned through my schooling and treating patients. I enjoy knowing that what I do is aimed at building health, not fighting an uphill battle of chasing down un-catchable symptoms first. There are so many times that a given health problem can go away by simply restoring the body back to health before it becomes an irreversible one. It doesn’t make much sense to allow these un-fixable problems to develop into more serious, expensive and dangerous health problems to which their really is no cure for.

Everyone knows that chiropractic is excellent for any back and neck problem. What most people don’t know is how removing nerve compression, and giving the body the right nutrition and supplementation can commonly allow the body to heal itself of it’s bad health.

Headaches, dizziness, disc herniations, radiating pain or numbness, adult and childhood asthma, allergies and infections, tiredness, and others are commonly improved or resolved with chiropractic care, proper nutrition and supplementation. Building Maximum health starts before symptoms appear, not just after they occur.

The best cure of all is a Maximally functioning body that never did get sick.


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